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byron - City on Fire - videoclip 2017

De pe albumul din 2015 „Eternal Return” trupa "byron" lanseaza ca single melodia "City on Fire". Odata cu single-ul, lanseaza si videoclipul melodiei pe care vi-l prezentam si noi mai jos. Albumul „Eternal Return” a fost lansat in toamna anului 2015 de Universal Music Romania si a fost inregistrat in High Resolution Sound in studiourile Windmill Lane din Dublin. Mastering-ul a fost facut in studiourile Abbey Road din Londra.

Videoclipul melodiei "City on Fire" a fost lansat pe 1 decembrie 2017 pe contul de Youtube al trupei "byron" si a fost regizat de Barna Nemethi. Videoclipul are la 6 zile de la lansare aproape 1800 de vizualizari.

Videoclip: byron - City on Fire

They set the city on fire
Craving to kill its pride
Their faith was wrapped in barbed wire
They took a morning flight

And rewrote the chronicle of mankind
Believing by noon they will be divine
I wonder how it feels to be sacrificed
On prime time

Their anger was walking a wire
More than a thousand feet
Above the swarming of an empire,
Above the narrow streets
In the land of the free, the home of the brave,
Where yellow cabs crawl in a parallel maze
That day they were part of the cast
In a dreadful play

The age of vicious hatred is here
Our blood is running cold versuri.us
Mock justice is toying with fear
Its scales are measuring gold
The city’s burning to remind us all
We are completely out of control
A milestone of horror on this anxious earth
The day we lost our soul

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